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How to Join Unarmed Security Guards Services?

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are guards who protect property and/or individuals without using a firearm. The primary job of an unarmed security guard is to tour property, monitor and report any abnormal events that have been observed. In addition to these basic functions, they can also help to give appropriate settlement guidelines to citizens who need help.

Requirements to Become an Unarmed Security Guard

The most important asset to look for when hiring someone for a security position is the ability to communicate clearly and quickly. Another basic requirement for the job is a presentable appearance. A certain level of secondary education is also required; however, a high school diploma is not required. The applicant must also pass a drug test and be in good physical shape. He or she must also be able to pass criminal background checks.

Training for an unarmed guard

The training of an unarmed guard is very different from the training of an armed guard. Since they do not deal with firearms, the primary weapon of unarmed security personnel is effective communication. Thus, appropriate training for effective communication is essential for these types of guards. On-site training is given to the caretaker by a supervisor. This would involve walking with the guard throughout the establishment and working with him for a few hours. Training on the operation of certain electronic equipment can also be provided by the employer. Employers can also provide additional training on specific business ethics, as well as company policies. 

Typical work sites for unarmed security guards

Some typical missions for unarmed security guards may include apartments, parks, construction sites and shopping canters. They can be assigned to static or patrol tasks, or both. Patrol tasks are located at a particular location. Patrols can be carried out on foot, on horseback or from a motorized vehicle. Apart from their most common service, to guard establishments and people, these guards can also be used for assistance services. As they are trained to communicate effectively, they will be effective in providing customers and citizens with information about the business for which these guards work.

Benefits of Hiring an Unarmed Officer Unarmed security guards offer lower payroll costs to the employer than armed security guards. These guards are good for businesses located in relatively peaceful environments. Hiring armed security personnel could put a little pressure on the inhabitants of these areas, which is why it is sometimes better to place unarmed officers. With these security guards, there are few or no problems with gun safety in the workplace, as there are no firearms involved. Unarmed security guards also contribute to a more relaxed environment, both for clients and for locals.

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